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Our main business line covers storing accessories that connect MV switchgear, overhead lines and cables employed in the generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy; selling this equipment through our distribution network or direct project-based sales; offering supervision services; increasing energy efficiency with high-quality products, as well as raising awareness on the issue. To this end, our company has been associated with 3M products that provide quality and innovation and has been serving as the Main Distributor of 3M Electrical Products in Turkey for five years now.

With Mr. Hüseyin DEMİR, who had served as ABB Elektrik A.Ş. Drive Service Manager for seven years, joining the BOR ENERJİ family as company partner at the beginning of 2013, we became an authorized sales and service partner for ABB Drives.  This has helped us contribute a significant asset to the effort we wish to make in the industry to improve Energy Efficiency and Quality.

Upon completing ABB’s authorization programs for its partners in 2017, Bor Enerji was awarded the Authorized Value Provider status.

The major building blocks of our company are as follows:

Energy Cables and Accessories
Energy Efficiency Technologies


Sales Responsible


Founding Partner


Accounting and Finance Responsible


Sales Manager


Stock and Logistic Responsible


Foreign Trade Manager

A Sustainable Environment with BOR ENERJİ and Sustainable Profitability for the Environment.

Sustainability, in other words, the ability to be permanent, necessitates the use of technology for the benefit of humanity. And this is only possible through the effective and efficient use of existing finite resources. Efficient use not only facilitates the transfer of resources to the next generation, but also ensures the continuity of the diversity and productivity of biological systems.

The protection of the environment does not come to mean that economic and social development should be ignored. Using renewable energy resources instead of non-renewables or using existing resources efficiently is now a responsibility for environmental sustainability.

With their products and systems that improve energy efficiency, Bor Enerji and its strong partners are “capable of rendering development and profitability sustainable without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” In addition, with its energy efficiency technologies, Bor Enerji reduces your costs, minimizes your waste production, contributes to the protection of a sustainable environment, and increases your profitability and product quality. Besides, Bor Enerji offers sustainable profitability to you as well thanks to its corporate structure, control over business processes, proven technological solutions, and approach based on continuity in its professional relationship with you, its clients.

You, too, can reduce your carbon footprint and grow your profitability with Bor Enerji.

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