Hüseyin Demir

Hüseyin DEMİR


“I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer. I’ve had the opportunity to advance in my profession and enhance my expertise at ABB, the market leader in drives. The drive service department in particular has contributed a lot to my experience, professional vision, and the way I view business.

I believe it all boils down to fully understanding and being familiar with the product. Once you grasp the needs, you start to identify the expectations of the customer and rapidly provide solutions. Besides, you learn to adopt the user’s perspective in every case and internalize expectations and demands.

We focus on delivering engineering solutions that perceive and fully address the needs in the industrial market. Our technical know-how on our products and engineering experience, along with the technical support we give in choosing the right product and using it effectively, are at the service of our customers.

Electrical energy is one of the biggest cost items in industry. At Bor Enerji, we use high-quality, efficient and long-lasting products with a view to improve energy efficiency. We complement all our services with meticulous planning taking into account engineering facts that suit the project most. We regard being next to our client throughout all the stages of the process as a critical part of our job.”