HSR is a thinwall Polyolefin heatshrink tubing. Shrink ratio is 2:1, min. shrink temperature is 120°C, operating temperature is -55°C to +135°C. HSR is RoHS compliant, flame retardant – self extinguishing and provides good chemical resistance. HSR is a fast shrinking thinwall material and the prefered choice for general purpose electrical applications such as insulating, bundling, marking, mechanical abrasion protection, corrosion protection, strain relief of LV cables, wire termination and electrical connections. Compact mini-reel-format allows individually be cut to customized length. HSR is available in sizes from 1,2/0,6 mm to 25,4/12,7 mm with a wall thickness (recovered) of 0,4-0,9 mm in in various color black. Standard packaging in dispenser-box.