Recep Topçu


Sales Manager

“Understand the product. Understand the problems, the need. Work with the most seamless product that has the longest life. Believe in engineering knowledge and benefit from it. Always be by your client’s side.”

“These are the initial mottos I learned at the outset of my long journey at Bor Enerji, now 10 years and counting. Easier said than done, a full 10 years. Two months after Bor Enerji was established, I was already part of the team. Today, I, we still feel that very same enthusiasm. Because new projects and our goal to proceed our journey with ever-increasing success in the international arena motivate us and make us happy. Actually, we feel like we are continuing on this journey together with our clients. Because we are so close and in such a strong dialogue with them that their achievements delight us. And we try to be worthy of their interest by further building on our own achievements.”